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How do I fill water in a Showertub?

You fill it with the shower head. 



How do I drain water from a Showertub?

On the inside along the long side at the bottom of the bottom there is a drain plug, just like in a regular bathtub. Open the plug so that the water flows through the hose on the outside of your Showertub, Fig. 1. Make sure that the end of the hose is located above your shower drain, Fig. 2. The final cm of water must be emptied by tilting the showertub.


Fig. 1                          Fig. 2



How do I clean a Showertub?

It´s easy to clean with detergent and a dish brush.



Where do I store my Showertub?

Many choose to store it on the high edge inside or outside the shower, Fig.3. You can also hang it on a hook in one of the handles.

Fig. 3



How do I get in and out of my Showertub?

Grasp the handles, put your feet on the anti slippery surface in the showertub, then sit down and enjoy. To get out, grasp the handles and lean forward. Stand up. Then get out out the showertub.



My shower space is to small for a Showertub. Can I use it anyway?

If you have space outside the shower, you can place it there. The drain hose is 80 cm and you can place the end of the hose above the shower drain.



Do I fit in a Showertub?

People up to 185 cm and 95 kg are very comfortable, Fig. 4.

Fig. 4



What does a Showertub looks like on the inside?

It has a comfortable raised seat cushion and anti slip surface for your feet, when you enter and exit a Showertub, Fig 5.

Fig. 5



IS a Showertub heavy to move?

No, it weights only 4.7 kg.



Where is my delivery?

Once your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you will recieve an e-mail including a tracking number that you can use to locate your order on





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