About us

Showertub is the world's leading supplier for those who want to swim. We have minibus, shower baths, adult baths, show tubs and shower baths. For those who only have a shower but want to enjoy a hot bath.

Showertub strives for 100% satisfied customers, where all customers have 100% full right of return. Our research and technology are at the forefront. As a customer, you are always safe by purchasing from us. We leave no customer dissatisfied and always fulfill our commitments. We have 100.00% response rate on our Facebook page where we respond on average within 12 minutes around the clock.

In addition, we are the cheapest on price hikes and Pricerunner in Europe. The reason for this is that we buy very large volumes and ship the products with new eco-friendly container ships to Europe. That's why you always get the best price with us at Showertub. If you buy from us, you always make a safe business.

We are the only certified distributor in Europe selling shower showers in the colors of gold and silver.


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