Installation of drain hose and plug in shower baths.

Most common and, in principle, only the problem is leakage. The reason is that the drain hose and plug in the shower bath are not completely fitted. Follow these steps to avoid leakage:



  1. Unscrew the plug from the hose with the angle coupling to get 2 separate parts as shown below. For your convenience, we have tapped the tube in the angle coupling to you before delivery so that the hose does not loosen from the clutch.




  1. Make sure that the green gasket is completely fully depressed in the bottom. Press as hard as possible to seal the seal against the hexagon. Is it not there is a risk of leakage.




  1. Inside of your shower tub. Push the plug through the hole. Hold it firmly pressed against the wall on the inside of the tub with one hand.




  1. With the other hand, thread the angle coupling with the drain hose on the outside. You should thread until the angle coupling is completely tight against the outside of the vessel as shown below. Pull tight, but not so that your fingers bleed.




  1. Now is your drain hose properly installed and the shower bath is soon ready to be filled. Do not forget to push the drain plug completely into the drain hole.


  1. The drain hose is extendable and flexible. Place the tub in your shower. Adjust the length and angle of the drain hose so that it ends up above your shower drain. Then fill your shower tub with warm water to just over half the depth of the tub. How much water you need to fill is completely dependent on body volume. One must try out.  


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